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Minimi Atelier is an independent retailer and manufacturer that specialises in upmarket, kids' fashion, from newborn to 8 years old. Our timeless pieces are designed specifically with babies, toddlers and children in mind.
Our curated range of beautiful clothing features our very own capsule collections, which have been lovingly designed and crafted right here in South Africa. We are passionate about providing our little customers with unique and stylish pieces that are of the highest quality, right from birth to 8 years old. Each capsule collection comprises a maximum of 50 limited-edition units and is proudly handmade in South African.
We also have a selection of garments designed and handmade in Spain, with some of our manufacturers supplying the most exclusive kids’ boutiques in Europe. These items are limited and we often stock only 1 to 3 pieces of each garment, which ensures both authenticity of style and exclusivity for our little customers. Don’t expect to find our garments on the high street any time soon!
Shopping with Minimi Atelier is a truly unique and stylish experience -  and one that you won’t forget in a hurry!
Minimi Atelier finds its essence in Spain, a land where tradition, craftsmanship and innovation merge to create beautiful, timeless garments that are one of a kind.  A land where children dream big and have little adventures… while looking and dressing like children.
At Minimi Atelier, we believe in smart, quality clothing. We enjoy “classics with a twist”, in other words chic garments but also casual pieces for an elegant-relaxed-contemporary style. Finally, we source and design with comfort in mind, so that the only limit to having fun is the exhaustion that comes after hours of play!
Our aim is to provide our clients with matchless, elegant collections that prolong the joy of childhood. Our understated pieces can be worn again and again, to be passed on to the next generation.